about us

The Leadership Team

Get to know us!! We are a team of 8, brought together by our shared passion for STEM and gender equality 🤍

Gyulim (Jessica) Kang

Chapter Head - Singapore American School

Jessica, a current junior at Singapore American School, can be found reading poetry, exploring diverse music genres, and pursuing STEM projects in her free time. Of all the STEM fields, math is her favorite. Ever since she discovered that math is so much more than plugging in numbers into equations (and that there isn’t always a right or wrong answer!), she has always wanted to share this biggest passion of hers with others. She looks forward to forging an inclusive community with fellow female and non-binary STEM enthusiasts through InteGIRLS.

Natalie Tan

Operations and Logistics Director - Singapore American School

You will rarely ever find Natalie, a junior in Singapore American School, without music surrounding her. She loves that music is able to convey emotions in spite of language barriers. So, if you spot her without headphones in hand, it’s probably because they’ve run out of battery :( When she’s not updating her Spotify playlists, she’s busy finding new ways to learn more about biology and human anatomy. It is this passion for biology that makes InteGIRLS’ mission so incredibly important to her. She wishes to inspire passion for STEM but above all, she wishes to create a group of people who are dedicated to supporting one another through all of life’s challenges.

Aashna Parikh

Outreach and Logistics Director - Singapore American School

Aashna, an 11th-grade student at Singapore American School, is an immensely curious person, satisfying her wonders by going on frequent research spirals to understand interesting real-world phenomena through science. Her hobbies include swimming, debating, listening to music, and cycling around Singapore, and when she’s not out and about you can probably find her with a coffee in hand, pouring over the current novel she’s reading. Passionate about working toward a future where girls, too, feel fully confident of their ability to thrive in the STEM field, Aashna is thrilled to serve as one of the leaders of the Singapore chapter of InteGIRLS.

Yil-lin Jeon

Treasurer and Outreach Director - Singapore American School

Yillin, currently a junior in Singapore American School, has developed her passion for science during her freshman year. When she’s not procrastinating her homework assignments or smothering her cat with love, she is found baking, playing board games, or daydreaming. She hopes to bridge the gender gap in STEM and collaborate with many aspiring mathematicians and scientists through InteGIRLS.

Theara Man

Treasurer - UWCSEA Singapore

Theara is a sophomore at UWCSEA Singapore. She has had a great passion for STEM for so many years now. She enjoys learning new things in the STEM field, especially in physics and technology. She also enjoys spending my time listening to music, biking, and stargazing! During her time with InteGIRLS, she is hoping to meet math enthusiasts and promote non-binary and girls’ passion for math and problem solving!

Nicola Pak

Social Media Director - UWCSEA Singapore

Maybe it’s because she can spell her full name using the Periodic Table, but Nicola has always loved Chemistry! When she isn’t making double salts or trying to spell phosphorus correctly, she can usually be found climbing, cooking or listening to K-pop. Her biggest role models are Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Juliette Cai, with the former being slightly less fictional (and also less violent). She hopes that working with InteGIRLS will help her introduce her love of STEM to other female and non-binary identifying students, and hopes to meet other science enthusiasts!

Samantha Tan

Graphic Content Director - Nanyang Girls' High School

Samantha, 16 years old, likes to think that she’s outgoing, fun and witty. Most of all though, she’s honest. And this honesty brings her to the confession that really, she’s not great at math at all! However, she loves literature and crafting essays to intriguing topics. You can also catch her playing fetch with her corgi, or giving belly rubs to her two cats. Among this list, she'd love to include experiences at math and science competitions but the truth is, she doesn’t share this gift. What Samantha does share though, is a passion for anything under gender equality and female empowerment. That's why InteGIRLS means so much to her, and why it’s truly an honour to be a part of this team.

Arden Choo

Graphic Content Director - Nanyang Girls' High School

Arden is a 16 year old who loves reading, painting and watching movies. Funny dog videos and good food are her weaknesses. She may not be the biggest math buff, but for what she lacks in gift, she makes up for it in passion. She is an ardent (haha) believer of InteGIRLS’ mission and hopes to help create a supportive and empowering community for girls in STEM.